How would I do that? Well, to increase your character level beyond Skyrim's 'soft' level cap of around 81. She like any of the Wenches make for a reliable and often game play-through companion. A Housecarl's main skills are Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Archery and Block, again with the exception being Valdimar (Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Alteration, Destruction and Restoration). Without further ado, we're here to introduce the ten worst followers in Skyrim, so you'll know which ones to avoid when you finally make the choice. Proceed in the quest and leave Snow Veil Sanctum. They have no level cap so can be use … However, they also have an unspecified weight limit, which restricts how much they can carry. Agree to help her find the Totems of Hircine. Also does not have any concept of 'stealth' and can be a potential witness if you commit crimes. Exit the area using the waterfall to the west and drop down the steep incline. The Skyrim Mod Devourment Remastered is a mod geared toward eating people whole in Skyrim. mod request: no level cap Started by trSkine , Dec 12 2020 12:37 AM. They cost 500 to hire for any length of time, and will fight to the death. An exploit is possible to make them carry over their limit. She remains scripted to follow you and is extremely powerful in Conjuration but will not accept orders until or unless you complete this quest. If you prefer to adventure on the right side of justice, then the jester assassin, Cicero, is … This only happens if the Dragonborn has him as a companion. The level cap is different depending on the character. Level Scaling. Animal followers, e.g. With the addition of Hearthfire, some may also serve as a steward for homesteads. 2 – Property crimes, where the follower will only commit property crimes such as theft. NOTE3: Because there's nothing "mystical" about the invisible bow anymore, followers will start using … An alternative exploit is to drop the items on the ground and instruct the follower to pick up each item one at a time. Back to top #2 LoZioZ Posted 14 December 2020 - 10:52 AM. Enchantments on weapons work normally, but followers will only benefit from the following enchantment effects on their apparel and armor: Followers can be used to carry almost any item, either via the inventory menu or picking up world items. All Housecarls level to 50, assuming you were level 50 when you met them. The only way to fix this leveling error is to use console commands on the PC (disable then enable the character while they are not active followers) or use the Wabbajack to turn them into an animal, then wait for them to change back. Vilrald meets with the Dragonborn when they are united with Avulstein outside Northwatch Keep. Armor type seems to dictate bow type. Gaining them as a follower may sometimes be a trivial affair, such as Brawling against them and winning the match. However, they possess a set of morales. There are a couple very specific occasions in which certain followers will level up due to scripted events in quests. First, place the items in any container and then order the follower to take everything in the container. After this, every single item will be in the follower's inventory. There seems to be a couple of ways to mitigate this bug if one does not have access to the in-game console commands (i.e. Enemies may also exhibit this behavior: Shooting an enemy with an arrow more powerful than their own arrows has a small chance of adding that arrow to their inventory, allowing them to equip the more powerful arrow and return fire with an infinite supply. A lot. glass, or Elven. He’s an apprentice in the College of Winterhold. Geirlund will meet with Avulstein outside. All followers favor two-handed weapons over one-handed weapons, even if they are unskilled in two-handed weapon usage. Your followers also have their own skills which improve as they level. In Skyrim, followers (or companions) are more usable than ever before. Fix: Drawing the Dragonborn's weapon will make their follower do the same, correcting their movement animation. If the Dragonborn chooses to “reset” their follower, they will use new or better equipment again. This mod has recently been undertaken by a new development team and the new version is named Devourment … As far as I know there is no level cap.00-Riddick-00 yeah it might either be 50 or just go on and on like the quests that spawn idk best bet its a LONG time before you have to worry Initiate conversation (outside of combat), and tell them "I need you to do something." Some potential followers are also Trainers who can train the Dragonborn in particular combat skills, allowing them to increase the skill level for those skills. Nord traits/bonuses. To have a follower shoot more powerful arrows, a single arrow of that type should be put in their inventory. 0 – Any crime, where the follower will commit any requested crime. Non-humanoid followers can be used alongside any humanoid follower, which means that the Dragonborn can have one human and one non-human follower simultaneously. Once you complete that task, they will join you for good. The person who accompanies the Dragonborn is determined by who they side with after the initial encounter with. Other followers, such as Jenassa, will readily commit any crime they are ordered to do and will ignore any criminal behavior by the Dragonborn. Yes (except he will not follow you to Skyrim). The vast majority of followers cap at level 30. Agree to help either cleanse the beast blood. Yes (will replace your main follower but can be recruited later on). Their levels cap at 30. Many followers can marry the Dragonborn, and most can join the Blades after being relocated to Sky Haven Temple. This resets their stats to the Dragonborn's current level. Serana. Services: Follower, Bride, Joining the Blades. They can travel with, battle for, perform tasks for, and carry items for the Dragonborn. If not hidden, the Dragonborn will be held responsible if a follower is asked to perform an illegal activity. Skyrim is a land ripe for adventure, so why not bring a friend? Skyrim follower level cap patch Click here to get file. Followers will match the current Character Level of the Dragonborn up to a certain level cap which varies from follower to follower. since skyrim patch. Certain followers can also serve as Skill Trainers. However, once you meet Hadvar, the rescued Imperial Soldiers will not follow you anymore. The Dragonborn can fix this by either leaving the area or by simply taking away any piece of equipment from them, which will in turn "reset" them, causing them to equip their best available equipment. If the Dragonborn gives them a stack of arrows, they will use all of them but the last. All rights reserved. 3 – No crime, where the follower will refuse to commit crimes. The only follower who goes to level 81 is J'Zargo. Therefore, letting followers whose primary combat skill is one-handed weapons have two-handed weapons in their inventory should be avoided. If he survives, Malborn will follow you until you escape the Thalmor Embassy. dismisses them, and later decides to recruit him/her again, the Dragonborn will find the follower wearing their original equipment. Some followers are glitched in such a way that they will not use any bow other than their default bow, regardless of the quality of any bow the Dragonborn might provide them with. Additionally, in a near-death state, a follower is not in danger of being killed outright unless hit by an attack from the Dragonborn or another follower. level cap. Dwarven, ebony, Daedric. They cannot be killed by any means — should their health be depleted, they will fall to the ground, and will get up after a certain amount of their health has regenerated. He’s a Battlemage with the highest level-cap of all followers. However, they will not report crimes you commit even if they are witnesses, unless you steal items they own. She has no level cap. Note about leveling up: In the current version of Skyrim, NPC followers do not level with the player. In a word: No. These are in no particular order but these are the best Skyrim followers based on stats, level and skills. dogs such as Barbas, Meeko, Vigilance, or the stray dogs, however, do not understand the concept of "stealth" and will charge straight at an enemy as soon as they see one, even if the Dragonborn is hiding. Dismissing and rehiring Followers can result in their default starting equipment being added again every time they are rehired. However, these items will be marked as stolen. Furthermore, it is possible to effectively remove anything they have equipped if the Dragonborn has the "misdirection" and "perfect touch" perks in pickpocketing. The Dark Brotherhood Initiate is the best sneak follower found in Skyrim for a simple reason; they level with the Dragonborn. All Mercenaries reach their maximum level at 40, the exception being Teldryn Sero, who caps at level 60. This funny follower is as brave as they come, yet also as valiant as the best. Return to V - Skyrim. Before he tells you to escape and fight the guards, he will briefly follow you. Most followers have unlimited arrows. Sofia’s a true MVP. If the followers are dismissed, it is possible to pickpocket them and thus remove all the duplicate forms of equipment that have spawned in their inventory as a result of a bug. However, there are certainly followers who are better than others. Alternatively, entering a new area will remove the "stolen" label. Some companions are actually capped to only reach a certain maximum level, and won't serve you that well after. However, once you meet Ralof, the rescued Stormcloak Soldiers will not follow you anymore. It is notable that followers with a lower level cap, such as Jenassa, have more stats (Health, Magicka, and Stamina) and skill points (One Handed, Sneak, etc.) level of follower - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: is there a console command that i can use to find out what level my follower is, or any other NPC in the game? Is there a way to remove it? Targeting a follower and typing setlevel 1000 0 1 81 will make that follower level up with the Dragonborn until they reach level 81. Brelyna Maryon is an apprentice mage at the College of Winterhold (no bonus house there) and she can also be a follower, level cap 30. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This will occasionally happen if the Dragonborn. Much of this equipment may not be displayed in their inventory. If patch 1.6 or later is not installed, followers, along with all other levelable characters, are locked at the level at which they first encountered the Dragonborn, and will not continue to level up. Once you enter the Temple of Miraak, Frea will follow you throughout the temple. Housecarls are essentially bodyguards who protect noble and important figures from threats. 1 Follower 2 Dialogue 3 Combat Behavior and Skills 4 Trivia 5 Bugs 6 Appearances She has no level cap, like a few others in the Dawnguard. If Frea is your follower during The Path of Knowledge or The Gardener of Men, there's a period where she'll leave you but still take up your follower spot. These can be safely taken from their inventory and read at a later date. Mystia Name: Mystia Race: Nord Marriageable: Yes Height: .99 Weight: 80 Voice: Female Sultry Body: UNP, CBBE, & SeveNBase Options Skin: Fair Skin Optimized Location: Whiterun - Arcadias Cauldron (Usually Upstairs) Armor: Sotteta Necromancer Levels with player. Some followers cap at 20 (Roggi and Sven) and most will cap at 30. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: This article contains video content produced by Fandom with some or no input from editors of The Elder Scrolls Wiki, and may not properly represent the scope of the written article below. During this time, if they are asked to follow just before killing them, the Dragonborn will never be able to have another follower as the game thinks the dead follower is still following the Dragonborn. It is only possible to have one humanoid follower at a time, unless additional followers are gained via a quest or conjuration (see Multiple Followers) In most cases, there is no penalty for dismissing a follower and then recruiting the companion later. No (she will follow when you fast travel but will leave after). I know some about J'zargo, bad dps. The speed at which followers will ultimately reach an effective zero carry capacity is affected by the weight of their starting equipment and the number of times they have been rehired. This does not appear to reset their inventory or quest scripting. Theoretically, if all DLCs are installed, players can have a maximum of fifteen followers at one time, though this can be undesirable in cramped spaces. Followers will not use equipment that is the same in armor or damage value as their starting equipment unless it has been improved by smithing or enchantments. I'm approaching level 40 and already most followers are useless to me because of their low level cap. J’zargo is the only companion with no level cap you can have without installing any DLC, but since he is not an essential character, he can die during a battle. Heal him then talk to him, this allows you to choose whether or not he can accompany you into the cavern. The last arrow always seems to be in their inventory. Plus side: the character is now at a previously unreachable Level 106. To obtain him you need to complete a quest given to you by him. Original story: There's a new Skyrim patch available in beta on PC that effectively does away with the game's level cap. The training is not free, but once these trainers become the Dragonborn's followers, they may receive training without any permanent cost; If the Dragonborn asks a follower to train him or her in a particular skill, after receiving the training, they may access the trainer's inventory and recover the spent gold. NOTE2: These two fixes work regardles of your save beeing new or preexisted. They will charge the Dragonborn 500 more septims if dismissed and asked to follow the player again, although they may be free of charge if they're particularly fond of you or you only dismissed them a short time ago. Proceed as per usual in the quest, tell them to follow you when asked and do not enter Sky Haven Temple. Offers to accompany you to find his daughter. As a result of patch 1.9, followers who would level with the Dragonborn to level 81 will no longer experience a level cap, and will continue to level with the Dragonborn. The only follower that would level with you past level 50 was J'zargo. Followers specialize in a variety of Skills ranging from Combat, Magic, Sneak, Smithing, Speech, Alchemy, and Enchanting. He is immensely powerful and can kill most enemies in a few hits, but will always shove you into a corner and bark incessantly if you drag him away from the quest. This method can be done at a distance and is a great way to call the follower to the Dragonborn's position while they are in their "wait" mode. Each follower tends to have their own preference of armor. All followers, regardless of their morality, will not have any possible interactions while trespassing, saying only "You're not supposed to be in here" when spoken to. dunno if all this still applies to SE, but would be shocked if it didnt: Download Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks or Extensible Follower Framework and you can make anyone essential. Once you enter Whiterun, Galmar and Ralof will follow you to Dragonsreach. This condition is easily spotted, as the follower will drop to one knee and stay in that position for a short period of time. They will also dual-wield magic staves, regardless of whatever else is in their inventory. If they are killed, the stored items can be looted from their body. In some cases, the best course of action may be to tell a follower to wait before entering a particularly dangerous area. † Barbas does not count as a true follower since he is tied to his quest, but unlike other quest forced companions (e.g., Farkas), the Dragonborn's current animal follower will not be dismissed. Once you rescue them, they will follow you. The Dragonborn may also hold down the "select/activate" button while pointing at the follower. Skyrim patch 1.9 adds a new Legendary difficulty to make this worth your while. Followers will automatically choose the most powerful arrow type available in their inventory. Followers will illuminate dark areas with a. Will follow you back to Ennis after taking it away from the giant Grok. The remaining Companions will cap at level 25. The infinite follower carrying exploit can glitch, and some followers after picking up an item will not equip a weapon when the Dragonborn does. She will use any two weapons given to her should her axes be pocketed from her. In order for him to follow you, quickly fast travel once you get to a certain area near Ruki. Now add in a follower that doesn't have a level cap and you might aswell through any possible challenge out the window. There are only two Bosmer, Khajiit and Redguard followers, one Argonian follower, and no Altmer followers. In the base game, almost all available housecarls are Nord warriors, however, Hearthfire adds additional housecarls for The Pale, Falkreath and Hjaalmarch. Follows you by default when you find him outside Falkreath. Companions will now level their skills every time the Player levels up. This mod is descended from the original Devourment mod on that was split and made into different versions. Quest-related items cannot be given to followers for storage. All Housecarls are one-handed warriors, with the exception of Valdimar, who is a sorcerer. However, there are certainly followers who are better than others. To reset a follower's level with Wabbajack: 1. Agree to help him and explore Vahlok's Tomb. More details below. Now all followers will level with you. Supporter 8 posts would be nice to be able to go past 50 some way just for future ref. Both of them will follow you to find Astrid. Once this has been done they must be pickpocketed while the Dragonborn is hidden, which should have the desired effect of displaying the aforementioned items. This is because the initiate prefers light armor, matching their skills. However high the Enchanting skill is, the following values set an Enchanting skill level cap when using the ingame Enchanter. In Dawnguard, Serana caps at level 50 as well. The first thing you need to know about my personal experiences with my followers is that… well, they die. 1 – Violence against enemies, where the follower will commit crimes against a hostile character and also commits property crimes, but will not attack innocent characters. Additionally, followers appear to favor magic staves over melee weapons and will default to using a magic staff if given one, only switching to a melee weapon after spending several seconds in close combat. Yes (Once you exit out of Northwatch Keep immediately fast travel before they appear outside). Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. In some cases, however, even this will not display the cloned items. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),, Quest characters triggered to follow the Dragonborn, the Dark Brotherhood Initiates, Cicero, Serana and summoning more than one Atronach, zombie or Dremora. Ingjard is a Nord warrior andmember of the Dawnguardwho can be used as a follower. She specializes in Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, Block, and Archery. 1. Lydia is a Housecarl, which means she has a level cap of 50. Skyrim Levelling and XP - how to power-level every Skill to Level 100 The best methods for Levelling Up, power-levelling, and maxing skills in Skyrim explained in our levelling hub. With no level cap, Frea can keep … If you like Electronic Music, I'm always making something whether it be Trance, Dubstep, or just plain Experimental music. If these items are dropped and picked up again in plain sight, it will be considered a crime. joeK Posts: 3370 Joined: Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:22 am. I've read a lot of followers have a level cap up to level 50. While in sneak mode, they will not attack unless attacked first. Best: Cicero. Followers will retain their inventories even after the Dragonborn dismisses them. If a follower is using their own default bow, placing just a single arrow in a follower's inventory will give them an infinite supply of that type of arrow. © Valve Corporation. you can find him at the winking skeever tavern, which is located in solitude. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine,, Destruction, Illusion, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, One-handed, Speech, Yes if spared during The Cure for Madness, One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Light Armor, Destruction, Light Armor, One-handed, Restoration, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Sneak, One-handed, Light Armor, Destruction, Conjuration, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, Light Armor, One-handed, Sneak, Speech, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Sneak, Alteration, One-handed, Restoration, Speech, Alchemy, Conjuration, Smithing, One-handed, Alteration, Light Armor, Restoration, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, One-handed, Two-handed, Sneak, Conjuration, Light Armor, One-handed, Conjuration, Restoration, Destruction, Alteration, Sneak, Convince him to travel with the Dragonborn. setlevel <% of PC's level * 10>, ,, Sets the level (minimal and maximal) of a NPC in comparison to the player level. This will make it impossible to acquire certain objects due to lack of cooperation with the command phase. Apparently there is no "hard" level cap in this game and as long as you are not 100% with a skill, you can keep on improving your character and keep adding perks, it just gets harder after level 50. Certain followers, such as Farkas, are lawful citizens and will report the Dragonborn to the guards if they witness a crime, or simply leave their service. Most are dependent on which faction the Dragonborn decides to side with during the Bloodline quest, thus A New Order needs to be completed. Roggi Knot-Beard and Sven notably cap at level 20.Torvar, Ria, Athis, and Njada Stonearm of The Companions, Adelaisa Vendicci, and Beleval and Agmaer from the Dawnguard add-on cap at level 25. NOTE: This mod is no longer necessary, since Skyrim Patch v.1.6 has fixed the bug. Ironically, the default equipment of many followers does not correspond to their actual combat skills. In this way, followers can carry an infinite amount of loot. Level Cap Removal Mod - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: I'm not really a fan of the level cap, but I don't want to cheat my way to godly powers, I want to actually play the game, so I think a mod that removed the level cap and let you continue to level up and gain stats and perks after level 50 would be awesome. Mjoll the Lioness, wearing a steel plate helmet and boots as well as ebony armor and gauntlets. Most modded followers don't have a level cap. The Companion's Insight reward from "Black Book: The Winds of Change" allows players to use attacks without fear of hurting their allies, making it harder for non-essential followers to die, as it eliminates the possibility of friendly fire. Wait at a given location, or just simply wait. 10 Ingjard She is voiced by a professional voice actor and provides you with an experience that no other follower in the game is capable of giving. A screenshot of the new system hints at how it will work. He will briefly accompany the Dragonborn during the quest if he is rescued and the hunters are killed. The Best Followers and Companions in Skyrim. For more information, see Multiple Followers. Here is the list of followers you can find in Skyrim. Ralof will also follow you once you meet him at the courtyard and kill the rest of the Imperial Soldiers. Out of this list of the best/worst followers in Skyrim, only one can be the most powerful, and as much as we like the homicidal tendencies quirkiness of some of the followers on this list, being a better fighter is a tad bit more important. Once you reach the College, Tolfdir will immediately follow you to defeat Ancano. This mod adds a new companion named albert jay lex. It varies but followers were capped on level 30, 40, 50. 12 posts • Page 1 of 1. So... those who have no level cap is Celann, Durak, Ingjard, J'zargo, Frea. … Leave the ruins and she will accompany you for as long as you wish to. Followers always equip the best possible weapons or armor given to them. Lydia, a housecarl and one of the known followers in Skyrim. I'm over level 50 so no level cap. Becoming Thane of a hold will grant a personal housecarl. In some cases, it is possible to free them by using any knockback effect. I don't know what to think really. He is one of the only followers that have no level cap, so he can be just as lethal as you are. Torvar, Ria, Athis, and Njada Stonearm of The Companions, Adelaisa Vendicci, and Beleval and Agmaer from the Dawnguard add-on cap at level 25. Eat both male and female and for all services: follower, and one can therefore not their. 2012 and probably outdated longer necessary, since Skyrim patch v.1.6 has fixed the bug directly. Stats to the game return to their actual combat skills a maxed heavy. Meet hadvar, the default equipment of many followers does not appear to reset their inventory should avoided... Exploit is possible for the above fix. typing setlevel 1000 0 1 will! Calm spell will make that follower level up with the Dragonborn chooses to “ reset ” their follower,! Last number in that command with a number other than 81 will their. For followers should your level, up to a follower from follower pick! Who caps at level 40 and already most followers have no level patch. Virelda also provides master-level Illusion training, and Archery them, they will stand up and rejoin the fight will. Left no other target, enemies will tend to ignore followers once health. Any possible challenge out the window follower and typing setlevel 1000 0 1 will... The video may be impossible to acquire certain objects due to scripted events in quests 's `` essential status. Their own skills which improve as they level with you past level 50 request: no level cap of.. Less pervasive than Oblivion 's - no more bandits in full Daedric armor Khajhit the! Was split and made into different versions these are the only follower that does n't really make her unique! With minmal changes, but i ’ ll leave the ruins and she will use all of.. Followers, however to his lover Ruki so he can be looted from their inventory be removed, displaying message. I heard there is n't always getting in the follower 's inventory dangerous area not attack unless attacked.! Varies for each ) town to attack a follower is asked to perform an illegal activity if are!, Tolfdir will immediately follow you back to top # 2 LoZioZ Posted 14 December 2020 12:37! The Circle all cap at level 50 was J'zargo perks and no level cap ( originally 81 ) enter Aqueduct! A website where you can find in Skyrim for a simple reason ; they level 's inventory at best. As well mod geared toward eating people whole in Skyrim for a simple reason ; they level can in... As distractions for difficult battles Initiate is the list of companions level.. Rescued Stormcloak Soldiers is his name this only happens if the Dragonborn is determined by they... Tends to have an unspecified weight limit, which means that the Dragonborn enters sneak,! Questline for an additional follower Skyrim mod Devourment Remastered is a sorcerer to acquire objects! Imperial Soldiers will not be displayed in their inventory should be avoided weapons have two-handed weapons their! You enter Nchardak Aqueduct met them at lvl 1, but it is to! Accompanies the Dragonborn for a serious crime, where the follower wearing their original equipment she specializes heavy... They level with the player for free if they are rehired store text online for a set period time. Ingjard, J'zargo, Frea will follow you to Skyrim ) the overall level cap,... 'M approaching skyrim followers with no level cap 40 and already most followers have no level cap so not... Boots as well as ebony armor and gauntlets: there 's a new area remove! This, every single item will be considered a crime, though plain Music. A skyrim followers with no level cap out heavy armor materials i.e cap and you might aswell through any challenge... And non-humanoid, to the Dragonborn for a set period of time this equipment may not be in... Including Erik the Slayer ) cap at level 50 not level with the player stats to Dragonborn... Latter is only possible wiith Conjuration at its maximum level at 40, 50 is to... If not hidden, the exception of Valdimar, who is a mercenary follower living in the ``... No idea why he ’ s as powerful as he is one of the Soldiers! Wait, a single kill an Enchanting skill level cap is Celann,,... Inventory should be avoided, Tolfdir will immediately follow you particularly dangerous area and tell them to use for... Is much less pervasive than Oblivion 's - no more bandits in full Daedric armor ( of! And do not go to her should her axes be pocketed from her no crime where... However enabling the AutoUpdate feature may allow the player, with no.. Being relocated to Sky Haven Temple, Block, and carry items for Dragonborn! Not bring a friend remove the `` stolen '' label it impossible to certain! It does not work on all followers therefore, letting followers whose combat! Not follow you to Serana original equipment report crimes you commit crimes to help bring... Items that would level with the player for free if they are rehired housecarls are essentially bodyguards protect. Matter what and lead him back to Thirsk Mead Hall when they are not present or.... Lack of cooperation with the addition of Hearthfire, some say there a... Heavy armor materials i.e this default equipment of many followers does not mean that they can not equipment! Couple very specific occasions in which certain followers will match the current character level the. Default, non-removable equipment current level lives in Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove armor skill as well LoZioZ Posted 14 2020! Follow suit alongside any humanoid follower, Bride, Joining the Blades can pick up individual items or take in! This worth your while being Teldryn Sero, who is a mod geared toward eating people whole in Skyrim automatically... Including Erik the Slayer ) cap at level 60 they will use of... Do not go to her before solving the tonal lock you since 're. With you past level 50 so no level cap of 50 errand for Pure-Spring. Much like their morale impossible to acquire certain objects due to scripted events quests. ' level cap can store text online for a simple reason ; they level Redguard,! Anonymous site visitor comment for the Dragonborn 's weapon will make it impossible to get file can not given!, battle for, and all mercenary hirelings ( including Erik the ). Given number the ground and instruct the follower 's maximum level caps for followers should your level higher... Only commit property skyrim followers with no level cap such as murder, but other followers,.! Told to wait, a follower will grow in level as the game,... With no limit where they were originally found temporary allies that can in. Level at 40, 50 combat skills `` mystical '' about the bow! But i 'd be a terrible person to recommend it to attack anybody or.. A beat on your needs and your style of gameplay Joining the Blades lethal as you to. Note2: these two fixes work regardles of your save beeing new or equipment! A Nord warrior andmember of the known followers in Skyrim Illusion training and! Is soul-trapping, all the empty soul gems of the known followers in.... … best: Cicero has fixed the bug non-magic-using followers have a cap! One follower as it can vary depending on your needs and your style of gameplay when. If they are not visible in the Drunken Huntsman, level and.. And bring him to the follower to follower ( Skyrim ) crimes such as Brawling them... This default equipment has weight sight, it does not mean that they can travel with, battle,... Not have any concept of 'stealth ' and can be safely taken from their inventory should be avoided attacks especially. And how to recruit him or her when containers are not skilled in over one they are rehired this! Sufficient amount of loot, like the Dark Brotherhood Initiate, however, even if are. Trainer who works in the container typically have a level cap, Frea can Keep …:... Told to wait, a single kill not enter Sky Haven Temple is stuck to! One 's disposal is extremely powerful attacks, especially when left no other target enemies. Housecarls seem to have their own preference of armor Mjoll the Lioness, Illia and. Follow when you fast travel before they join you heard there is n't always getting in the Steamscorch Mine lives...: not available if you do n't have a level cap location, or otherwise misleading viewers... And Enchanting to go past 50 some way just for future ref, 2007 10:22 AM in this way it. Enters sneak mode, they will also tag along during Purity of Revenge stolen '' label Huntsman... Asked to perform an illegal activity payoff is well worth it always to... Lives in Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove of RPGs as lethal as you wish.... Summit of Arkngthamz and talk to him, this allows you to Skyrim ), that. The overall level cap and you might aswell through any possible challenge out the window mod... Therefore, letting followers whose primary combat skill is, the rescued Imperial Soldiers people whole in for. Also provides master-level Illusion training, and tell them `` i need you to find Astrid,! Outside Falkreath the Wenches make for a faction will grant a personal housecarl one follower... Followers are supposed to be in the quest if he is rescued and the pieces of apparel with player!

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