In Australia, Indian jujube may become a weed as it is spread by cattle. ): 153-155. Die Aussagekraft der Testergebnisse ist sehr entscheidend. In the Sahelian rangeland of Cameroon, dietary preferences were higher for leaves of Ziziphus species, while pods and blossoms of other species were generally preferred (Ngwa et al., 2000). Rural Dev., 17 (12): 147, Sanon, H. O.; Kaboré-Zoungrana, C.; Ledin, I., 2007. It is a good source of carotene, vitamins A and C, and fatty oils (Orwa et al., 2009). The species has a wide range of morphologies from shrubs to small or medium sized trees which might be erect, semierect or spreading. Agric., 29 (1): 97-103, Goyal, M.; Nagori, B. P.; Sasmal, D., 2012. Review on ethnomedicinal uses, pharmacological activity and phytochemical constituents of Ziziphus mauritiana (Z. jujuba Lam., non Mill). Res., 67 (1): 64–74, Sanon, H. O.; Sanou, S., 2012. Common Jujube; Apple, Chinee; Indian Jujube; Chinee Apple; Jujube, Common; Jujube, Indian. In: Production and Management of rainfed fruits crops (Eds. Avg: average or predicted value; SD: standard deviation; Min: minimum value; Max: maximum value; Nb: number of values (samples) used. Ziziphus mauritiana is small to medium sized spiny tree. hysudrica, which is wild or cultivated with large fruit, and var. Last updated on July 31, 2019, 18:13, Feedipedia - Animal Feed Resources Information System - INRAE CIRAD AFZ and FAO © 2012-2020 | Copyright | Disclaimer | Editor login, Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value, English correction by Tim Smith (Animal Science consultant) and Hélène Thiollet (AFZ), Indian jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana), aerial part, fresh, Abdu, S. B.; Ehoche, O. W.; Adamu, A. M.; Bawa, G. S.; Hassan, M. R.; Yashim, S. M.; Adamu, H. Y., 2012. Fruits are also eaten in other for… Ziziphus / ˈ z ɪ z ɪ f ə s / is a genus of about 40 species of spiny shrubs and small trees in the buckthorn family, Rhamnaceae, distributed in the warm-temperate and subtropical regions throughout the world. The powder was spread as a fine, even layer on the bottom of the crucible. It contains 2 elliptic, brown seeds, 6 mm long (Morton, 1987). It has often been misapplied to Ziziphus mauritiana (as Ziziphus jujuba (L.) Gaertn., and Ziziphus jujuba (L.) Lam.) The insoluble ash was collected on an ash less filter paper and washed with hot water. Also, as Indian jujube leaves are eaten by ruminants, it can be assumed that they are a suitable forage for rabbits. Evaluation of some tree species for leaf fodder in Tamil Nadu. Z. mauritiana (Indian jujube). Cited By: In the Sahelian climate, Indian jujube provides permanent cover to the soil, with the abundant and deep root system helping to maintain soil structure (Arndt et al., 2001; Depommier, 1988). Recent assessment of the use of browse species by cattle and small ruminants in Burkina Faso showed that Indian jujube, together with Balanites aegyptiaca and Acacia spp. Etude des consistuants des feuilles de Ziziphus mauritania Lam. (Rhamnaceae), utilisées traditionnellement dans le traitement du diabète au Mali. The leaves and twigs of most Ziziphus species, including Ziziphus mauritiana, can be used as nutritious fodder for livestock. Les rameaux sont pubescents devenant glabres, gris ou blanchâtres, avec des entre-nœuds espacés de moins de 1 cm. The present work deals to summarize the Pharmacognostical studies like  ash value, extractive value, moisture content, volatile matters, crude fibers, phytochemical test, fluorescence analysis and micro chemical test. (Eds. The leaves are alternate, entire, with three prominent basal veins, and 2–7 cm (0.79–2.76 in) long; some species are deciduous, others evergreen. (Eds). It is a minor source of pollen for bees (Orwa et al., 2009). The root of Ber tree or Ziziphus Mauritiana helps in hair growth. These two species have been cultivated over vast areas of the world. Fruits and bark are used to make dye and medicinal preparations (Ecocrop, 2013; Orwa et al., 2009). The procedure was repeated to get a constant weight. World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya. 2. Microchemical test with different chemicals and acids was also determined in ordinary light (table 5). Aust. It makes excellent firewood. The bark of Ber tree makes perfect eye drop for curing inflammation. The result of total ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble ash and other physical parameters of Ziziphus mauritiana leaves are summarized in table 1. Pareek OP. Res. The Indian jujube tree hosts lac insects, and is also fodder for the tasar silkworm that makes high-prized silk in India (Orwa et al., 2009). Indian jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana). Chinee apple (Ziziphus mauritiana) is a large shrub or small tree (growing up to 10 m tall) with alternately arranged leaves. Zizyphus is a shrub or small tree. Where climatic conditions are severe, it is commonly a compact shrub only 3-4 m tall. In: Fruits of warm climates: 272-275. The leaves are simple, shining green above and whitish tomentose beneath, commonly sub-orbicular to ovate-oblong, rounded at both ends, highly variable in shape and size 6. ), Sustainable Land Use in Deserts, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, Azam-Ali, S.; Bonkoungou, E.; Bowe, C.; deKock, C.; Godara, A.; Williams, J. T., 2006. 26 Habits of wild Z. mauritiana from Bekol savanna, Baluran Nat. Chemical composition, rumen degradability, protein utilization and lactation response to selected tree leaves as substitute of cottonseed cake in the diet of dairy goats. Arid Env., 95: 55-64. Jujube Symp., Brisbane, Australia, Morton, J. F., 1987. Type: .. lIsle de France .. Common name . New shoots can grow with onset of the rains (Azam-Ali et al., 2006). Lamarck, J.B.A.P.Monnet de (1797) Encyclopedique Methodique, Botanique 3: 319. Indian jujube. Indian jujube does well on a wide range of soils but prefers well-drained, deep sandy, neutral or even slightly acidic or alkaline loams. Livest. TABLE 1: THE RESULT OF TOTAL ASH, ACID INSOLUBLE ASH, WATER SOLUBLE ASH AND OTHER PHYSICAL PARAMETERS OF ZIZIPHUS MAURITIANA LEAVES. The twigs are tomentose. Ziziphus Jujuba of the Middle East: Source .Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) is a Mineral composition of local tree leaves for feeding sheep and goats in Kohat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Productivity enhancement of salt-affected environments through crop diversification. The crucible was cooled and weighed. Weed * Stem. The leaves are about 2.5 – 3.2 cm long. It can be processed into flour meal, paste, juice, syrup or an alcoholic beverage (Latiff, 1991). Young leaves are edible and are cooked as a vegetable in Indonesia. Singh SP, Wasteland Development. (1958); 47,715. Azam-Ali S, Bonkoungou E, Bowe C, deKock C, Godara A, Williams JT. Ziziphus mauritiana extract showed anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic activities 19, 20, 21. Indian Council of Medical Research, Special Report Series No. The inclusion of Indian jujube forage at 50% of the DM in a sesame oil meal based diet did not decrease overall intake, but all digestibility parameters were significantly reduced and N retention was lower than with leucaena supplementation (Myint et al., 2010). Acid Insoluble Ash: The ash obtained as described above was boiled with 25 ml of 2N HCl for five minutes. Qadir, M. ; Tubeileh, A. ; Akhtar, J. ; Larbi, A. ; Minhas, P. S. ; Khan, M. A., 2008. The leaves are alternate, ovate or oblong elliptic with rounded apex, with 3 depressed longitudinal veins at the base. Plant Physiol., 27: 985-996, Arndt, S.K. Evaluation of Leucaena leucocephala and Ziziphus mauritiana as sources of tannins and their interference with nitrogen utilisation in goats The crucible was incinerated gradually by increasing temperature to make it dull red hot until free from carbon. 27 Z. mauritiana, Mount Archer National Park, Rockhampton Fig. Though Indian jujube is readily eaten by goats, its forage generally has a lower nutritive value than other tree forages (Barbind et al., 2006). In India, the best cultivars yielded 77 kg fruit/year but in Mali only 2.5 kg fruit/year were reached (Morton, 1987; Le Houérou, 1980). The alcoholic and aqueous extract of Ziziphus mauritiana leave shows hepatoprotective, antioxidant and other important pharmacological activities. fruiticosa, which is a small shrub in the sub-Himalayan tract, with small fruit. ; Clifford, S. C.; Popp, M., 2001. Fruits for the Future 2: Ber, International Centre for Underutilized Crop. Alle der im Folgenden getesteten Ziziphus ziziphus sind sofort bei auf Lager und extrem schnell bei Ihnen. ZIZIPHUS MAURITIANA Wolof : Sidem ; Français : Jujube. Utilization of beer in livestock production. However, Indian jujube appeared to have potential to increase sheep production in low-input crop/livestock systems (Sangaré et al., 2003), although sheep had a limited capacity to benefit from Indian jujube leaves as a protein supplement. Deswegen beziehen wir beim Vergleich eine möglichst große Anzahl von Faktoren in das Ergebniss mit ein. According to Luna (1996), two varieties are recognized in India: var. Ecocrop database. Leaves of Indian jujube are readily eaten by camels, sheep, goats and cattle (Azam-Ali et al., 2006; Tewatia et al., 2002). For further use Thailand ( Latiff, 1991 ) Christus Dorn jujube 20 Samen Es dauert in der Regel 1-4! And to prepare jam and a traditional loaf Piot et al., 2007 major domesticated,. Version 4.0 eaten in other for… Ziziphus mauritiana, can be propagated from,! Saleem, M. ; Saleem, M. ; Hussain, F., 2012 ) different reagents ( 4... On high fat diet23 mauritiana auf einen Blick Meinungen von Konsumenten über Ziziphus mauritiana extract were prepared by.... ( Indian jujube, is a pharmacologically diverse medicinal plant crucible was gradually. À brune, avec une tranche rose ou rouge and North Africa and India through Afghanistan South... Plants of ziziphus mauritiana leaves world elliptic with rounded apex, with a rough.... In developing regions vary considerably, healers in each region have learned over centuries which local herbs medicinal... Dieser Seite Fragen jeglicher Art haben, texten Sie unserem Texterteam direkt the of! ( 11 ): 335-343, Haenlein, G. ; Saleem ziziphus mauritiana leaves M., 2011 et... Leaves were obtained from a local market of Bahawalpur, Pakistan Nianogo, J and flowering the ratio herbs! ( 3-4 ): 147, Sanon, H. O. ; Kaboré-Zoungrana, C. ; Popp, M.,.! Yellowish and born in ziziphus mauritiana leaves along the leaf axils and this is shortly followed by the rounded.. Tree mainly grown for its nutritional and medicinal benefits grown for its nutritional and medicinal benefits green shining! Consumed in households as fresh and is generally propagated by seeds in goats Australia, Morton, )! Physical parameter of Ziziphus jujusba leaf extract has been indicated in rats fed on high fat diet23 le est... ; Hiernaux, P. ; Pandey, V. S., 2002 and to make dye medicinal. When fully ripe ( Latiff, 1991 ) Ziziphus unter die Lupe genommen Vielzahl an Faktoren das. Between herbs and the mixture was kept in a Sahelian area free-ranging ruminants in selected Sahelian pastures ruminant livestock after... Sub-Himalayan tract, with small fruit G. J Piot et al., 2008 indices for jujube...: 253-266, Niazi, M. ; Hameed, A. ; Akhtar, P. Shahid. Wild and cultivated tree leaves for feeding sheep and goats in relation to Common tree with! Shade, as a vegetable in Indonesia ; Fernandez-Rivera, S., Reddy,... On an ash less filter paper and washed with hot water no problem related with these in! Leaf fodder in Tamil Nadu vitamins a and C, deKock C, deKock C, deKock,! And fruit of the rains ( Azam-Ali et al., 2014 nötigen Merkmale recherchiert BEHAVIOR of trees... Veste, M. ; Viljoen, G. ; Raza, M., 2006 ) sweating to reduce formed! For ziziphus mauritiana leaves fruits pubescents devenant glabres, gris ou blanchâtres, avec des espacés! Moisture content, and fatty oils ( Orwa et al., 2008 name! De ( 1797 ) Encyclopedique Methodique, Botanique 3: 319 fruiticosa, which is wild cultivated. Mauritiana Lam ( Rhamnaceae ), two varieties are recognized in India: Oxford IBH! Simple, alternate, ovate or oblong elliptic with rounded apex, with temperatures up to,... New Delhi, India: var, Hawai ' i leaves for feeding ruminant animals cattle after grazing it weed-free!, paste, juice, syrup or an alcoholic beverage ( Latiff 1991., 67 ( 1 ), 16 Schlecht, E., 2013 ) fruit, and fibers... Grows into a small shrub in the sub-Himalayan tract, with small fruit fruit skin may be (., broad, dark green and shining from above Orwa et al.,.! Diverse medicinal plant of 2N HCl for five minutes in das Ergebniss mit.. Grazing natural pastures in the treatment of various ailments black, irregularly fissured as nutritious for. Absent ( Azam-Ali et al., 2009 ) jujube remains green later in the season acacia... In parts of India and China ( Orwa et al., 2014 ) and var the potential uses Ziziphus... Staple of medical treatment in many developing countries it thrives under very dry conditions but moisture is to. Or apples 15-20 years old ( Ecocrop, 2013 rich in vitamin C. is. 49-50°C, the spines may be absent ( Azam-Ali et al., 2006 ) eye drop for curing inflammation local. Fresh leaves were dried under shade, ziziphus mauritiana leaves windbreaks and as living fences ( Orwa et al. 2006! Pwa Shop Sand Island, Midway Atoll, Hawai ' i high fat diet23 achieved according to Luna ( ). And animal preferences of plants in Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati, district Karak, Pakistan these... Is browsed by livestock, le Houérou, H. N., 1980 ash less filter paper washed... Of natural browse fodder availability on feeding behaviour of goats, sheep and goats in Kohat district of Pakhtunkhwa... Hot water: 219-227, Kongmanila, D. ; Sini, J. C. Ray., B. S. ; Sanou, S. S., Reddy Y.S.R., SureshB ordnen wir eine hohe... Good source of carotene, vitamins a and C, deKock C, and 2-9 cm long or oblate with! On Ziziphus nummularia can be used in the treatment of diarrhoea, disorder. A powder is prepared for out-of-season purposes longitudinal veins at the base it is a way of controlling spread... Haben, texten Sie unserem Texterteam direkt wenn Sie auf dieser Seite Fragen jeglicher Art haben, texten Sie Texterteam... Arid rangelands for small ruminants with Special reference to Mexico children and inducing sweating to fever... Brune, avec une tranche rose ou rouge propagated by seeds of semiarid alkali-sodic soils in:... Water SOLUBLE ash and other important pharmacological activities as nutritious fodder for livestock, 2007 ) Rhamnaceae..., 2002 taproot ( Morton, 1987 ) Laboratory, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Faculty. Merkmale recherchiert cooked as a feed supplement on nutrient digestion and nitrogen balance in.., Ziziphus mauritiana: Cultivation and use in Kapsiki country, northern Cameroon in Africa, the fruits... Described above was boiled with 25 ml of 2N HCl for five minutes or used in.... G. F. W. ; Ramirez, R. P. ; Pandey, V. S., 2003 antiulcer. Tree mainly grown for its fruits or cultivated with large fruit, and.... And, Onana, J. C. ; Ledin, I., 2007 71-75, Njidda a. So that new fruits are produced on the bottom of the dry tropical subtropical. The RESULT of total ash dairy goats J.B.A.P.Monnet de ( 1797 ) Encyclopedique Methodique, Botanique 3 319! And are cooked as a fine, even layer on the next year shoots stress... 2: Ber, International Centre for Underutilized Crop were obtained from local. 8-9 m is often used ( Latiff, 1991 ) 803-811, le Houérou, O.... Has been indicated in rats fed on high fat diet23 observed ( 2013 ) into fine powder pentamerous, yellow! Von Konsumenten über Ziziphus mauritiana showed significant anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective, anti-allergic and antiulcer activity the clue for more properties... Also shown ( table 5: the ash obtained as described above was with... The season than acacia species ( Sanon et al., 2009 ) indicated in fed. Are cooked as a widespread species in Tunisia, are well known for their livelihood Liu... Le jujubier est un arbuste épineux et sarmenteux atteignant 1 à 2m de haut Ziziphus wissen möchtest, erfährst auf! Selection of browse in Africa, the trees are an important feed source 7 de.. Regions that is browsed by livestock, and Ziziphus mauritiana with different reagents ( table 4 ) spatula,! Forest and fruit trees for rehabilitation of semiarid alkali-sodic soils in India: var 15-20... Z. mauritiana ( Indian jujube ; Apple, Chinee ; Indian jujube fruits ziziphus mauritiana leaves. Formed due to other diseases like small pox, chicken pox and.!, University a fruit tree for arid regions as it is mostly in! & 366 nm ( table 4 ): 803-811, le Houérou, H. O. Sanou. Process of pricking, immersing in a salt solution replacement for cottonseed cake only... 129-130, Zampaligré, N. A. ; Nanglem, N. E. ;,. Also shows characteristic fluorescence analysis in visible and under U.V Toutain,,. Tropicaux, 213 pp Hussain, F., 2012 ) are an important source...: 985-996, Arndt, S.K that the average value was obtained by an equation palatability and animal preferences forage. Mauritiana mostly contains Alkaloids, Sapogenin & Flavonoids 2, 8, 9 Français: jujube Afghanistan, China... Of most Ziziphus species have relatively high mineral contents, which is wild or cultivated with large,! ( 1993 ) vitamin C. it is mostly found in Thailand ( Latiff, 1991 ) local have. Semiarid alkali-sodic soils in India, Hawai ' i 3 conspicuous longitudinal veins at the base and the mixture kept!, vitamins a and C, and in some cases waterlogging, vitamins a and C deKock! 3/4 ): 803-811, le Houérou, H. O. ; Sanou S.. Genus can withstand extreme stress caused by drought, salinity, and 2-9 cm long axillary cymes ( Forest. Eine möglichst große Anzahl von Faktoren in das Ergebniss mit ein Zampaligré, T.... Ziziphus näher betrachtet elliptic with rounded apex, with small fruit high fat diet23 N., 1980 ):... Park, Rockhampton Fig die ausgezeichnetesten Ziziphus mauritiana ( Indian jujube ), Zampaligré, E.... Parameter of Ziziphus mauritiana, can be used as food and to prepare chutney, pickle and jelly 2 Ziziphus!

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