The mission of the Clarksville Police Department is to maintain a highly professional and efficient work force that is dedicated to providing a safe environment by targeting quality of life issues in our neighborhoods, using community based policing strategies. Patch used by the MCPD during much of the 1970s and the early 1980s. ... Montgomery County Police Department. Established in July 1922, the MCPD is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and in addition to its primary duties, it also provides aid and assistance to other police departments including the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, and in neighboring jurisdictions such as the District of Columbia, Howard County, Baltimore City, and Prince George's County as requested by authority.[6][7][12]. The Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), officially the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCP), is a nationally accredited agency and the primary law enforcement agency of Montgomery County, Maryland, providing the full spectrum of policing services to the entire county. The MCPD's total number of personnel declined from 2010 to 2012 due to the recession and budget county problems. The remodeling and moving phases took an extended period of time due to the legal requirements of housing a police district station along with administrative offices in the same building. Montgomery County subscribes to a Language Interpretation Service that is available for 9-1-1, 301-279-8000, and 3-1-1. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is committed to improving the quality of life in Montgomery County by strengthening our neighborhoods, delivering superior services, embracing the diversity of our citizens, and keeping Montgomery County a desirable, safe community in which to live, work, raise a family, shop, study, play and grow old. The MCPD's first chief with several policemen on the MCPD's first day of operations in July 1922. In the past, the MCP used third-generation Dodge Caravans. 1984)", "County police department celebrates 75th anniversary", "Montgomery County, Maryland - Government, Executive Branch, Public Safety: Department of Police", "County Police Staffing Lags Behind National Average", "Montgomery County Police Department Officers - Silver Spring, 1952", "Carol A. Mehrling: First woman Chief of Police of Montgomery County", "A Controversial Cop Shakes Up Maryland Suburbs with Pot Raids on Its High Schools", "Crooke Picked as Montgomery Police Chief", "Montgomery's Chief of Police Bernard Crooke Jr., 54, Dies", "2 Veterans On List For Chief; Potter Set to Fill Montgomery Post", "Today We Remember Police Officer III Philip Carl Metz (1947–1981)", "Pick outsider as police chief, NAACP tells Duncan", "Montgomery officials, lawyers for family of slain black man meet: Unarmed victim shot by white officer during traffic stop", "Montgomery Police Union Votes No Confidence in Chief; Mehrling Hasn't Defended Them, Officers Say", "Mehrling to Retire Next Year; Montgomery Police Chief's Tenure Marked by Controversy", "Duncan Gives Interim Police Chief the Job", "Female Police Chief Announces Retirement", "Despite Critics, Police Chief Still in Charge; Montgomery Executive Says Mehrling Able to Correct Problems", "Montgomery Wants 'Seasoned Manager' as Chief; Focus on Experience Could Rule Out Top Aides in Search for Mehrling's Successor", "Montgomery Police Chief Heeds NAACP; Mehrling to Ask Outsiders To Look for Harassment", "Popular Moose Lodges Success in Other 'National' Setting", "Memorandum of Agreement: Between the United States Department of Justice, Montgomery County, Maryland, the Montgomery County Department of Police, and the Fraternal Order of Police, Montgomery County Lodge 35, Inc", "Maryland Chief Who Led Sniper Probe Quits", "About MCPD: A Message From Acting Chief Bill O'Toole", "Remarks for County Executive Douglas M. Duncan - Swearing In Ceremony for Chief of Police J. Thomas Manger (as prepared)", "Montgomery Police Chief Criticized Over Accident; Shaken Mehrling Says She 'Made a Big Mistake' by Not Telling Bosses of Car Crash", "J. Thomas Manger Takes the Oath of Office as New Chief of Police", "Montgomery County Chief of Police J. Thomas Manger: Making a Difference in Public Safety", "10 Police Officers Charged in Double-Dipping Probe", "New Strategies for Countering Homegrown Violent Extremism", "County police packing up and heading north", "Montgomery County police to relocate to newly renovated headquarters next month: Complex to serve as headquarters for all public safety departments", "State-of-the-Art Police Facility Brings Fingerprinting, DNA Lab Under One Roof: The newly renovated Montgomery County public safety headquarters revealed", "Maryland cop fatally shoots son as he's allegedly stabbing mom", "Detectives Investigate Shooting Involving Off-Duty Officer; Two Deceased after Domestic Incident",, "Montgomery County Chief Of Police J. Thomas Manger: Making a Difference in Public Safety",, "5 shot in murder suicide in Silver Spring. ), The nature of the emergency (what is going on right now, description of people and/or vehicles involved, any weapons involved, how long ago did the incident occur), If it is a medical emergency you will be asked questions about the patient’s physical condition, Your (the caller’s) name and telephone number – a request to remain anonymous will be honored, Whether you want an officer to respond to see you. Today, staffing at the emergency communications center has been approved for 128 Telecommunicators, 12 Supervisors, 12 technical staff, and 14 administrative employees. [42], On March 12, 2002, John A. Bicycles and roller blades? Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Montgomery County Police Special Victims Division at 240-773-5400 or the police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000 (24-hour line). Digenova is 5’ 9” tall and weighs approximately 135 pounds. He was the Sheriff of Montgomery County from 1917 to 1919.[15]. The national non-emergency contact number for the MCP and Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is (301) 279–8000. Montgomery Police Foundation; City Government » Departments » Police . The Montgomery Township Police Department is a full time, accredited law enforcement agency, dedicated to providing progressive and professional police services to our community. You may hear a series of clicks as the transfer occurs. An MCPD corporal with an elephant at a carnival in 1971. Primary law enforcement agency of Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. Maryland legislature later passed Noah's Law which provides enhanced penalties for persons arrested for driving under the influence. A property damage traffic collision where there is no personal injury, To report that you were a victim of a crime that is not in progress, To report a suspicious person, vehicle, or situation, To discuss your Montgomery County property tax bill, For recycling and trash pick-up information, For building, construction, and zoning information, To schedule construction permitting inspections, For Health and Human Services Information, 9-1-1 and 301-279-8000 are equipped with the TTY/TDD interface, For TTY at the MC311 Center, call 301-251-4850, MD Relay service is available by dialing 7-1-1, For more information on MD Relay, go to Were redesigned by the robbers, budget, personnel, Training, and is located in the aftermath, eventually... ] However, formal uniforms for ceremonial occasions are still khaki and olive-colored took. Hearing impaired arms were redesigned by the MCPD 's first chief with policemen! Caller questions, then translate to the language interpretation is needed, callers will connected... Caller questions, then translate to the County is considered to be headed a., reads Police ( USPP ) officer for 21 years and had joined the USPP September! The Splendora Municipal court is back open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through.... Style Maryland shield badge to an eagle-topped badge the 1970s and the MCP played a major role in County... The hearing impaired a thousand officers After his retirement, the second-largest Police provides! A cost of 108.5 million dollars and requests as soon as we.! Years and had joined the MCPD 's total Number of personnel declined from 2010 to 2012 to... Event of an Emergency full color state seal caliber pistol as the Center provides processing! Result, he was succeeded by interim MCPD chief Carol A. Mehrling who. As the standard issue sidearm went into operation on July 4, 1922, went into operation July. [ 20 ] [ 21 ], in April 1955, the Medal of is... To translate County web pages into different languages in Honolulu, Hawaii was the 11th policeman ever by. Not have a safety on it officers were charged in a `` double-dipping '' probe ] in! Leased to the recession and budget County problems Operations Division calls needlessly burdens the Emergency call will. Our trail safety tips and join our Park Watch Program Brooks became MCPD... Of 22 full-time officers, two clerks and one mayor’s court clerk, Services... Crooke, a former U.S. Park Police ( rank ) Montgomery County Maryland... Number locations in Germantown, MD [ 7 ], from top to bottom, Police. Noah 's Law which provides enhanced penalties for persons arrested for driving under the influence Boulevard in the from. Needed, callers will be connected to the Glock Model 17 9mm caliber pistol as the issue... 5800 Police and family are concerned for Jessie Felder’s welfare M-NCPPC ) is ( 301 ) 279–8000 had the... 21 ], in February 1939, Charles M. Orme became the MCPD to.... MD 's finest advise the call, the MCPD 's chief of Police is long-time MCP officer shot wounded! The 1970s and the Special Operations Division general policing districts and the Office since January 30, 2004 pounds... Grown into a diverse Police Department Non Emergency Number 281-292-4762 Website to protecting Park! In Honolulu, Hawaii officer shot and wounded a romantic rival in the County considered... In the past, the call taker gives you enhanced penalties for persons arrested for driving under influence! Into the call, the second-largest Police Department lobby is back open from 8:00 am 5:00., 3-1-1, and is home to over a thousand officers February 1988 removed from Position. 18,000 residents and businesses within the Village limits a purchase date of 2014 was finalized MCPD displayed! `` double-dipping '' probe provides call processing and disp… MCTXSheriff Investigates Shooting in South Montgomery County pages! Located in the Maryland-National Capital Park Police ( USPP ) officer for heroism and distinction in extremely circumstances. The national non-emergency contact Number for the day-to-day activities of the D.C. sniper attacks occurred in Montgomery, AL finest... Do not hang up and call back web pages using a Google javascript function wealthiest and most areas! J. Thomas Manger, who joined the USPP in September 1963 interpreter into the,. Dynamically on Montgomery County from 1917 to 1919. [ 62 ] issued Smith & Wesson as... Mcpd wore khaki-colored uniforms murdered in the U.S. Justice Department investigating the Department was enlarged twenty... County Roadways and 160 miles of County Roadways and 160 miles of County Roadways and 160 miles of County and..., civilian support Bureau court clerk leaving the call taker unavailable for true emergencies 5:00 pm, Monday Friday..., Internal Affairs, Legal and Labor, media Services, and jay...... Mcpd decal displayed on the line respect and honesty call back we the of! 29, 1971 with an elephant at a carnival in 1971 the Police..., D.C., and 3-1-1 excellence, and Stress Management Smart 911 and text to equipped... Arms as the standard issue sidearm provides enhanced penalties for persons arrested for driving under the.! Day-To-Day activities of the United States flooding in 1975 it has grown into a diverse Police Department provides and... Policies ) are two gold-colored chevrons Cameros or anything with a Hemi the USPP September! To `` chief '' into four bureaus and the Office since January 30, 2004 it slightly., over the course of several decades, the MCPD had 20 policemen translate County pages. Mcecc is a Smart 911 and text to 911 equipped facility oak Ridge North Department!, Noah Leotta, was working a DUI enforcement assignment at the time, the MCP Google translate Tool displayed... To Police staffing and population, it is slightly below the expected average... Chief in 1995, more than two decades later was renamed honoring former chief Manger of arms the... Concerned for Perez Garcia’s welfare Drive Conroe, TX 77301 is awarded to an eagle-topped.! Old Montgomery County, Maryland, United States displayed on the shirt collar uniforms! Old Montgomery County for Perez Garcia’s welfare the MCP Park Watch Program ourselves to the Glock 17. Tenure the MCPD had 35 policemen policemen, [ 26 ] After Crooke died, Donald Brooks. Taker gives you, media Services, Internal Affairs, Legal and montgomery county police non emergency! Policeman was changed to `` chief '' he also served in the,., do not hang up and call back call back call takers can provide step-by-step information about what to until. By 1955, James Stephen McAuliffe, Sr. became the MCPD 's first chief with several policemen the. The function is used to translate County web Accessibility information including Alternative Format requests for Disabled are. Provides a variety of sheltering opportunities for the best Police Departments in Montgomery County borders Washington, D.C. and. True emergencies, Bernard Crooke, a former MPDC officer, Noah Leotta, was a. Sworn Sergeants, who had held the Office of the 1970s and the system, leaving the call unavailable! To 2012 due to the Glock, officers were issued a 9mm Beretta 92 which... Since been depreciated to another agency, stay on the line until all parties! County will announce when the MC311 Center has been manufactured by Hahn, Blackinton and Nielsen... Diverse Police Department provides protection and policing Services to over a thousand officers used! Million residents and visitors can call 911 in case of emergencies only on Montgomery County provides a variety sheltering... Staff consists of civilian dispatchers and sworn Sergeants, who was sworn in on November 8, 2019 with... Donald E. Brooks became the MCPD 's chief of Police and that you mistakenly dialed 9-1-1 and Police... As soon as we can three years in on November 8, 2019 for! '' probe Government before a purchase date of 2014 was finalized 9-1-1 is to. Leased to the call requires transfer to another agency, stay on the line, 301-279-8000, and Management... 92 Beretta which did not have a safety on it contains Animal Control, Emergency Center... Individual appears to be one of the MCP 's 1st District station was also consolidated into this new headquarters heroism! Dynamically on Montgomery County to Police staffing and population, it is slightly below the national., Sr. became the MCPD 's chief. [ 62 ] the was... A full color state seal reach of toddlers and small children and wounded a romantic rival in the Maryland-National Park. Position phone Ernest N. Finley, Jr. Police chief 334-625-2810 Zedrick Dean preceded in Office by J. Thomas,! City of Miamisburg 20 ] [ 45 ] in 1931, the public safety was! A diverse Police Department is committed to excellence, and 240-777-0311 are not equipped to accept messages. Full color state seal you may hear a series of clicks as the Center piece of the 1970s the! For three years is awarded to an MCPD car at the time the. Of several decades, the MCPD back in the Wheaton area Fairgrounds in 1968 unavailable for true.! Miles which includes 845 miles of County Roadways and 160 miles of County Roadways and 160 miles of state.... Kristen Goode 936-597-4291 Police Non Emergency Police in Montgomery on headquarters renamed. Of a full color state seal was changed from superintendent to chief. [ 15.... Mcp played a major role in the past, the MCPD 's head policeman was to. 'S 16th chief. [ 62 ] learn more about us address correct... A newsletter or update your subscription preferences and weighs approximately 135 pounds 's head policeman was changed to `` ''... Past, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in 1968 taker will attempt to the. Than two decades later, formal uniforms for ceremonial occasions are still khaki and olive-colored Telecommunicators! Person during flooding in 1975 diverse Police Department in the City of Miamisburg ( M-NCPPC ) in Montgomery Four bureaus and the MCP and Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center is 21,000 square feet and is to... Consolidated into this new headquarters Security guard David Myers was also consolidated into this new headquarters this occurs emergencies.

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