Shed Dog Intermediate Program (Dogs must be at least 8 months old.) 125West Union, OH  [email protected], Oklahoma Shed Dog AssociationContact: Shayla Duree21630 E Second StHinton, OK  73047-2266Contact: 405-441-7750Email: [email protected] or Facebook: OKShedDogs, Oregon State Shed Hunting Dog AssociationO.S.S.H.D.A (Location: Southern Oregon)4320 Highway 238Jacksonville, OR  97530Contact: Steven PetersPhone: (541) 200-4634Email: [email protected]: Oregon State Shed Hunting Dog Association, Ozark Shed Hunters ClubDavid Walker15479 Hwy 12 ERogers, Arkansas 72759479-256-2775Email: [email protected], Ratatat Barn Club, LLCShed Dog Event Host14751 N Kelsay St Suite 105-218Monroe, WA 98272Contact: Shiriah [email protected], Rocky Mountain Shed DogsContact: Anneliese DeAragon20475 El Gallo PointFountain, CO  80817Contact: 208-597-5197Email: [email protected], Show-Me Shed DogsJason MacPherson1001 North Branch AveMountain Grove, [email protected], Team Minnesota Horndogs33717 560th AveWaltham, MN 55982Contact: Letia & J.R. GoetzPhone: 507-208-0573Email:  [email protected] Location:  (Southern MN), Tennessee Shed DogsContact: Wayne Pruett1204 S. Russell St.Portland, TN 37148Contact: (615) 517-4873Email: wbp[email protected]/tnsheddogs, Tri-State Shed Hunters1074 Twp. This form needs to be sent in with the club registration fee to NASHDA. Few would argue that some dogs are quick studies and some are not. A NASHDA representative will review the club request and contact you with any questions and/or approval. Chesapeakes are a much slower maturing dog. Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels goal is to provide you and your canine companion with the best possible service and care and NASHDA’s goal is to create a fun event for those looking to use their dogs to find shed antlers. "I used to be a Chessie person. We will establish on and … We have developed a training program that has been proven to work. Shed Antler Hunting Dog Training Equipment One of the fastest growing sports in the dog world is Shed Antler Hunting. You may train dogs on other small game only from August 15 through April 15. Which seems to contradict the idea that dogs learn and mature at their own pace. Dog Bone Shed Dog Training DVD Shed Dog Training with Jeremy Moore (shed Dog, shed Hunting, Deer Tracking) 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. In fact, Kania says that assuming all other things are equal, getting two dogs to the same point—a well-trained, reliable gunning companion—could involve time frames that vary by as much as nine months. And as always, you are welcome to come join in on the training of your shed antler hunting partner!!! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. This means that they can scent a pheasant or quail that is held up in the thickest brush. Training my shed hunting dogs and watching them find shed antlers is like treasure hunting. Then it’s a matter of teaching your dog that looking for the shed is all about having fun. Dogs have upwards of 300 million scent receptors in the noses (bloodhound) and with some training, they’ll locate and retrieve some shed antlers that you would have never found. I use the same method to teach the foundation, regardless of the breed. Shed Hunting Dog Training Tips. Contact. The American Foxhound is born with the instinct to hunt. Shed Antler Hunting Tip #1 – Use a dog. Labs often have more of a shut-off switch than springers, making them fine family dogs, and quite versatile. "It's up to you to get as much potential out of that dog as you can.". Then, at nine, 10, 11 months of age, I usually have a real solid dog. We offer a wide selection of training gear for … “U.K. Golden Retrievers are great shed hunting dogs. DogBone Genuine Antler Scent (2 oz.) "Case in point here," Kania says. You’ll fall flat on your face,” Moore says. Then my shed hunting training programs vary based on breed.” I really don't see that as a viable means to working a retriever," Kania says. This program is designed to give your dog one on one attention. The idea that dogs have widely varying abilities for absorbing and retaining lessons is hardly news but is nonetheless a concept that is widely ignored, particularly among those who may be training a dog for the first time. Arrives before Christmas. "Ego trips," Kania suggests. "If you have a dog, you have what you have," Glenn Kania says. At the end of your dogs training you will be mailed paperwork that will help you and your new partner adjust to your new life together. They can go, go, go in tough country, especially mountain terrain, whereas a springer will wear itself out with its business. But once you've taught a Chesapeake, and he knows what's going on, he's got a tremendous memory. But most retrievers, like people, grow out of their "teenage" years at a predictable age. We now offer supplements and healthy treats that provide dogs with wholesome nutrition not available in commercial products. Coonhounds Beagles Hunting Retrievers Cur/Feists Upland Hunting Programs Elite Shed Dogs The key to successful shed hunting dog training is to take it slowly and be patient. Labs are tough, all-day hunting dogs. You ever watch your dog's tail set? Written by: Robert James. Dog Training. We have focused on being a small kennel. How do you know when you are pushing your dog too hard? Now you can train your dog to find shed antlers and continue to work with your dog during the shed season; and never loose a deer again during hunting season. He spent years on the trial circuit, but he gave that up in the early 1990s to devote his time to producing hunting dogs, which, then and now, dovetailed with his passion for waterfowling. Shed Dog Retrievers, Warrenton, Missouri. In fact, training an older dog to find sheds can sometimes be a little easier than training a pup. 844 likes. Dokken Dog Supply provides quality dog training products and accessories. You have to be able to read your dog and stay two steps ahead of it. Shed hunting dogs by far are the most exciting as a Dog trainer. Having only a few dogs to helps ensure … Parade of Stars. Look at the tail set; look at the ear set. Less well known is the fact that a dog that learns slowly may catch up with a fast learner down the road. Field Trials are based more on hunting and on thinking, and dogs from those lines tend to do well with shed hunting and family life,” he says. Work hard play hard that's the Border Terrier mantra. Arkansas Shed Hunters83 Hwy 84 WGlenwood, AR 71943Contact: Melanie Bell 229-848-2211Email: [email protected], Bluegrass Antler Dogs205 Monterey PikeOwenton, KY 40359Contact: John & Alex BallardPhone: (502) 750-4848Email: [email protected], Elite Shed Hunting RetrieversClub Contact: Ed Norys7222 Crape Myrtle DriveOlive Branch, Mississippi 38654Phone: (901) 864-3702Email: [email protected], Indiana Shed Hunting Dog AssociationClub Contact: Shannon Neal or Tyler Neal1560 S. Co. Road 50 W Brownstown, IN 47270Phone: 812-528-1549Email:[email protected] Location: Brownstown, Indiana, Iowa Shed DogsClub Contact: Tony Hoefer & Tierney Schneider24352 Great River Rd., Guttenberg, Iowa 52049Phone: 563-880-0303Email:[email protected] Location: Garnavillo, Iowa, Kansas Shed Dogs26681 X RoadBrownell, KS  67521Contact: Gideon FuchsPhone: (785) 798-7057Email: [email protected], Minnesota Shed Hunting Dog Association2200 161st Ave NW Andover, MN 55301Contact: Matt or Megan HartenPhone: 612-860-6694Email: [email protected], Missouri Shed DogsRt. 423 1210 Raised Hunting … For those of you passionate about shed hunting and dogs, this is your website. You always want the dog to think of training or hunting as “fun”. This unique shed dog training system was designed and developed by deer dog training guru Jeremy Moore. That was 25 years ago, and he has been molding gundogs ever since. The Border Terrier was bred to protect the farm stock along the… The first two weeks of this 6 weeks is the Shed evaluation week for dogs who have already done the Gun Dog Intermediate. Shed Dog has offered apparel and shed hunting training products since it was founded in 2013. There will be some helpful hints, some do’s and don’ts and the commands your dog knows. "Let's say you're walking your dog at heel, and you're walking real slow," Kania says. Lightning Flash Mick. Hunting Partner! Or maybe," he says, "from watching pros work competitive dogs.". This video shows a little bit of how I introduced him to the shed antlers. Kania says that if you pay attention, your pooch will tell you when it needs a break. I’m not a professional dog trainer, nor do I claim to be. Kania says that by the time a dog reaches age two years old, most trainers will have produced the animal they'll have for life. This breed can be stubborn and difficult… Kania owns DeltaMarsh Kennels in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and is a big believer in letting aptitude dictate the progress of his dogs. But obedience is a very important step in order to begin any type of training. 1 Box 1493Mill Spring, MO 63952Contact: Chuck and Heather ShellPhone: 573-998-2146Email: [email protected], North Mississippi Shed Dog AssociationClub Contact: Karla Greer 135 Oakview Dr.Como, MS 38619Phone: (662) 292-2812Email: [email protected], Ohio Shed Hunting Club Assoc.Erin Lewis10630 St Rt. "The dog has been created into a bird monster, and as soon as I walk it out the door, the dog's looking for something to pick up. That's all I used to work, own and train at one time. 99. One of the best ways to provide a controlled flush is by using a remote bird launcher. In other words, one dog might reach that point at nine or 10 months of age, while another might not get to the same level until nine months later. We do this so that you too can have a lab hunting dog or shed hunting labs. A wide variety of dog breeds are successfully used for this purpose, and the space needed for training is minimal, making this sport accessible to everyone. Our program is one of the top programs around. Gallery. That’s the easy part. LITTER FOR For sale. The program is 12 weeks long. Antler Scent. Begin with small tasks in a controlled environment to increase your dog’s confidence. "Then you pick up the pace. True to his beliefs, Kania chucked former careers—as a commercial pilot and owner of a trucking firm—to breed and train what he modestly calls the "world's finest gunning Labs." New York-Started Bird Dogs/Hunting Dogs / Puppies for Sale. Winter 2020. call styles to inquire 315-323-4108 . Retrievers generally have the best skill set for the job, but hounds and … Companion gundog, obedience and shed dog training, boarding facilities and puppies. Rd. Kit Includes: Soft Training Antler, Training Booklet and 2 oz. "In my opinion, if I start off with a puppy at six-and-a-half, seven-and-a-half weeks of age—that's when I start working them—by the time they're up to five-and-a-half months of age and have their mature teeth, I've got my entire obedience package into that dog," he says. Grouse Ridge Bonnie. Specializing in Chocolate, Black and Yellow Labrador Retrievers bred for Shed Dogs, Retrieving, and great companions. Welcome to the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA), website. Image: Star Tribune. That's what I tell my clients. “American field-trial stock can be … Kania should know. The Dog Bone™ Shed Antler Retrieving System allows you to teach your dog how to retrieve sheds by supplying not only information and a step by step process but the shape and smell of a shed antler. Hunting antler sheds with a dog is very similar to hunting pheasant or quail with a close-working bird dog. Step 1: Obedience. Regardless of the dog's aptitude, however, Kania suggests that early socialization and training set the stage for more intensive training later on. Most hunting dog breeds can be trained to locate shed antlers, and they typically love the chance to get out into the field for just about any reason. Welcome to the fastest growing sport in the dog world; shed dog hunting! Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 11. “It takes a really solid foundation first, then shed training. Training - You may train dogs on raccoon, fox, coyote, and bobcat from July 1 through April 15. I personally took my dog “Sonny” to a trainer for both obedience and retriever training. Similarly, Kania says that among most of the retrieving breeds, females are usually quicker on the uptake, at least until they come into their first season, when males start gaining on them. For over 40 years the most trusted name in dog training is Dokken's. The upshot is, in the big picture, faster isn't necessarily better. "Or maybe somebody's had an exceptional dog. $24.99 $ 24. "Years ago, people never took dogs in until they were a year old. The Indiana Shed Hunting Dog Association (ISHDA) is a registered North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA) affiliated hunt club. Instead, they may try to push their young dogs too fast, too soon, without the necessary background work. The question is: Why? I really, really think you're missing the boat if you're not putting your time and effort into these dogs when they're younger—at five-and-a-half, six, seven or eight months of age.". "The dog has been created into a bird monster, and as soon as I walk it out the door, the dog's looking for something to pick up. Read your dog. For those who can, I like you to come out and work your dog before it … Shed Hunting Tips From Some of the Nation’s Best Shed Hunters. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We just brought home our yellow lab puppy Toby. Crossbows may not be used while hunting with a dog for any small game (except for coyotes) in the Northern Zone. 3- The “Play” Drive: The best dogs to have for finding antlers are the ones that can outlast you in any play or training session. The first thing I do is get a shed antler, maybe a small side from a little basket-rack for a puppy or a little larger one for an older dog, and coat it with a product like Dokken’s Rack Wax to give it a fresh smell. History. Indiana Shed Hunting Dog Association Club Contact: Shannon Neal or Tyler Neal 1560 S. Co. Road 50 W Brownstown, IN 47270 Phone: 812-528-1549 Email:[email protected] … We train and breed labradors to find shed antlers. Our Labrador Retriever pedigree dogs and Champion Bloodline Labrador Retrievers produce adorable litters of yellow, black and chocolate lab hunting puppies for sale.The Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in GA can be safely transported almost anywhere in the United States. If you can keep this time as “fun” for the dog they will always want to hunt or train. As you pick up the pace, the dog's happier. You have to react to what the dog is about to do versus reacting to what it's already done.". Shed hunting is becoming more popular every year — especially the sport of hunting sheds with dogs. Kids ostensibly become adults by their early twenties; dogs typically become adults around age two. Training. Links. Then, at nine, 10, 11 months of age, I usually have a real solid dog. And then, Kania suggests, you stay with the program throughout the dog's first season, devoting that first year afield to maintaining your pup's progress—at its own pace. So let the dog be a barometer. 203Bloomington, Ohio  43910Contact: Julia KeederPhone: (704) 424-6959Email: [email protected], © 2018 - 2021 NASHDA  | Website Design and Hosting by, NASHDA Shed Hunt Test and Qualifier Rules, Member discounts at NASHDA events and seminars. Each club is responsible for their insurance needs and is responsible to acquire their own liability insurance. It's what the breed has going for it.". And two years allows plenty of time for variations among individual animals to manifest and be dealt with. Please find below a link to the club registration form and fee information. While there he also whistle trained him. "But you've really got to understand that up until eight or nine months of age, that's prime training time," he says. Because sheds can be harder to find than most hunters think, training dogs to find sheds is growing in popularity. This breed has also been bred to excel in upland game hunting. Whatever the reason, Kania feels that pushing a dog too hard is almost always a mistake. For Sale. “Regardless if it’s a puppy or older dog, just don’t go straight into shed training. Indiana Shed Hunting Dog Association - ISHDA. All you have to do is introduce the dog to what an antler smells like and you are in the clear. "But you've really got to understand that up until eight or nine months of age, that's prime training time," he says. "But if you have three months to train them, you do the best you can and do what you can.". Out of the heart of Grouse Ridge Kennels. (507) 744-2616 [email protected] Shed Hunting Dog Training. Migration Alert: Lack of Weather the Topic of Conversation in Southeast Missouri, Migration Alert: Ohio Waterfowlers Look to Finish Strong, Migration Alert: Improved Weather Raises Hopes for California Waterfowlers, One of the biggest mistakes a dog owner can make is being too rigid in training. If you are reading this and enjoy shed hunting, you must experience one of our shed hunting dogs. 767 likes. Northwoods Training Kennel LLC specializes in obedience, upland, waterfowl, and shed hunting. Here you will find all the latest information on NASHDA events and shed dog training information, training products, events, as well as techniques on how to train your own shed dog. We train various breeds from pointers, to retrievers to your everyday pet. We would like to thank you for your interest in starting a NASHDA Club. Active clubs will have their contact information listed below. Follow your dog’s …

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