The following full sets were created by Decipher: Decipher also reprinted four sets (Premiere, A New Hope, Hoth, and Dagobah). Both were discontinued when Decipher lost the Star Wars license. A complete list of the Tatooine Limited set can be found on the players committee's page. $14.99. Decipher can no longer legally create new expansions to SWCCG; many cards that were in development can never be released to the public. Locations can be deployed as the game progresses; furthermore, most locations come in both Dark and Light-side flavors, and an on-the-table location can be "converted" (changed to the other side) at any time. "132 — Tatooine: Lars' Moisture Farm U2 ! Finally, the game was known for its quirky humor and inside jokes: one card, depicting Luke's protracted hand-stand during The Empire Strikes Back, was printed with all text upside-down. Tatooine Tatooine: Marketplace Tatooine: Mos Espa Docking Bay Tatooine: Watto's Junkyard TC-14 Televan Koreyy Tey How The Phantom Menace The Phantom Menace (AI) (Foil) The Point Is Conceded They Will Be No Match For You They're Still Coming Through! A lot of Star Wars CCG players have never even heard of Reflections Gold and the story… Read More» Star Wars CCG WB Premiere Unlimited Singles Basics [N-Z] - Choose Select - NrMint-Mint SWCCG Card. WED-9-M1 'Bantha' Droid. £3.74 + £0.48 postage. Another described a character as being Boba Fett's twin brother, since the same actor (Jeremy Bulloch) played both roles. Scrye magazine didn't list the entire deck as the card count is only 55. Weight: 0.1 lbs: Dimensions: 3.5 × 2.5 × 0.1 in: Related products. 0 bids. New Virtual Sets are now released using the block numbering system. Tatooine AI: Coruscant: Coruscant AI: Theed Palace: Theed Palce AI: Reflections 1: Reflections 2: Reflections 3: Reflections 3 FOIL: Anthology 1: Anthology 2: Anthology 3: 2-Player Hoth: 2-Player Premiere: Enhanced Cloud City: Enhanced Jabba's Palace: Enhanced Premeire: Jedi Pack: Jabba's Palace Sealed Deck: Tournament Promotional: These sets were numbered as Virtual Sets 1-18. Mint / Near Mint; Card pictured may not be card received Each pack contains 11 cards. The World Championships and most events in the World Tournament Circuit are played in the Open format. In August 2009, the existing 18 sets were reorganized thematically into 5 virtual blocks. £0.99 to £4.99. Re: GEMP - Missing Card List (complete) Post by vhstapes » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:59 am My internet was off due to a snowstorm for a couple days, so much goodness to come back too! Looking … : There are two major constructed formats for tournament play — Open and Classic, which differ only in deck construction rules. People from all over the world would have an opportunity to design the card they always wished were a part of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. "130 — Tatooine: Jawa Camp C1 ! Even if you don’t plan on buying one, this is your chance to take a look at each card that is available in the set. In February 1997, Decipher launched the "Design-A-Card" contest. Operation and oversight of the game was then taken over by a Decipher created volunteer group called the Star Wars Customizable Card Game Players Committee. In some cases, Decipher also used errata, modifications to game text of a card that supersede the actual printed version. COVID-19 Update (September 30): We are currently shipping as usual and are not experiencing any delays due to the virus. The only deck restrictions are that each deck must contain 60 cards from the same side of the Force and no more than 1 Objective card. Operation and oversight of the game was then taken over by a … This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Decipher, Inc. × FAST & FREE. AU $0.99. The "virtual card" overlays are available for free on the Players' Committee website, though players must have the original card to use its "virtual" version. This set consists of 30 rare, 9 alternate image, 30 uncommon, and 30 common cards. Star Wars CCG Tatooine Rare Card Selection. During sever… Tatooine: Mos Espa Tatooine: Podrace Arena Teemto Pagalies' Podracer There Is No Conflict Vader's Anger Watto Watto (AI) Watto's Box Watto's Chance Cube We Shall Double Our Efforts! Cards that were usually made into alternate image cards were main characters. This two-sided aspect is rare in customizable card games (Netrunner being the other notable example). ! It is published by Decipher 1995 and consists of 324 cards This set is sold in 60-card starters and 15-card boosters. I know the little picture under the number close to the upper right is the designator, but where is a list of what set the pictures relate to? In November 1998, Decipher released the Special Edition expansion set. Card Game, The Art of Great Games and associated marks and intellectual property are exclusively owned by Decipher Inc. Star WarsTM Customizable Card GameTM Complete Card List The following lists all American cards available for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, up to and including the Reflections III expansion (November 2001). Initially, the Player's Committee released virtual cards in numerically identified sets. Wars TCG is set in a proprietary science fiction universe created specially for the game and owned by Decipher. The license was granted to Wizards of the Coast, which used it to create their own game, the Star Wars Trading Card Game. The game spanned all of the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi) as well as Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Men… How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars Storyboards: The Prequel Trilogy, The Gungan Frontier: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Jedi Power Battles: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Starfighter: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Who's Who: A Pocket Guide to the Characters of. Wioslea. In the Open format, every card is legal. $0.99 + $0.80 shipping . In friendly play, a player can specialize in one side or the other, but for tournaments, players need both Dark and Light decks. Each pack included one rare card, three uncommon cards and five common cards. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of page when looking at its layout. Responsive Design. Tatooine Expansion Set RULE PAGE PODRACER RULES This expansion for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game includes a new card type, indicated by the icon , called Podracers.They represent one of the renowned machines that Podracer pilots use to compete in the dangerous high-speed sport of Podracing. This Is Outrageous! Just $.25 shipping on all additional cards purchased if combined in same order and purchase...or buy 12 or more card auctions and get a flat shipping rate of $3.00 domestic, $5.00 Canada or $7.00 world wide. This would consist of players purchasing a Sealed Deck box (see above) and using its contents to construct a deck. The information presented on this site about the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, both literal and graphical, is copyright 1995 - 2001 Decipher, Inc. Most locations affect game play in some way; all also provide "Force icons," which represent the amount of "Force" a player can activate per turn. Power +1 at same site as Maul. Also, packs of revised A New Hope and Hoth were sold in 9-card packs rather than the original 15. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Decipher, Inc. × Three expansions and one mini-expansion were planned for release through to the end of their license agreement with LucasFilm at the end of 2001.[2]. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Tatooine Limited set was the first set to introduce alternate image cards to the game. The SWCCG Database is an online database utility for searching and viewing the entire SWCGG card game. Free shipping . Remaker Reid out. Card Name Side Expansion Card Type Card Detail Rarity Price Emperor Palpatine Imperial Death Star II Character Dark Jedi Master/Imperial UR $109.99 ... Tatooine Occupation Imperial Special Edition Effect R $4.99 Tempest Scout 6 Imperial Endor Vehicle Combat R $4.99

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