Her father insists she leaves with him, and their building-destroying fight ensues. She was also much taller and had a well-built body. Kagura and Katsura take curry into the fight and drug it with laxatives. In Yorozuya, Kagura always follow's Gintoki's activities. The Yorozuya visits Hasegawa at the prison while bringing him information from outside. Everyone attends the funeral and Kagura is found to be alive by Shinpachi and Gintoki during the process. A wind sorceress, Kagura uses a fan to enhance her powers; she can create a blade-like tornado or use wind to animate dead bodies. 1416 (Two Years Arc)19-20 (Future) Kagura throws most of Gengai's robots out so that he can no longer work loudly in the neighborhood. They soon discover that is all due to Ginoki's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing back a suspicious clock. During her hospitalization, she deliberately feigns her illness so that she can get all the care and love. Kagura takes Pin-san to the Yorozuya office. Kagura thinks she is alone so she wonders if there is a true Laputa while looking up to the sky. At his local temple school, Shinpachi befriended Takachin. The episodes from the anime television series Gintama. They cannot recognize Gintoki anymore, so when Gintoki attacks Kintoki, they leap to defend Kintoki. Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female protagonist of Gintama. This will help her memory in the end. At the shogun's palace, Umibouzu and Gintoki asked Soyo-hime where Kagura and Dai often went to play. Kagura can be described as naive to a fault as seen in her introduction where she was tricked by a gang into thinking that she was protecting them when she fought their rival gang. Kagura and Shipachi arrive just in time to protect Gintoki from harm along with the Shinsengumi, only to trigger his memories. Vermilion Yorozuya Gin-ChanShinsengumi Not really knowing much about love and dating, Kagura said she and Dai would be just like friends, and she didn't mind if Dai fell in love with someone else as that just how love rolled. The Yorozuya is asked by Otose to stop a noisy neighbor - Gengai. But he has a bottle of Tabasco to block the blade, and the sauce spills over the cakes. She goes to the bank to get some money, although she does not know how to do so. Porori-hen (銀魂.ポろリ編) are based on the Gin Tama manga by Hideaki Sorachi.The series premiered on October 1, 2017. Together with Kamui who followed her later on, they defeated the leader while Abuto and the others fought with the lackeys. English VA: She wears a long white cheongsam with red buttons. Kagura and Gintoki draw on the only photo they have and eventually come to suspect Hachirou, a man who wears a big afro. After Housen's defeat during the aftermath of the Blaze of Yoshiwara chapter, Umibouzu met with Gintoki at Housen's grave. Throughout the series she is seen wearing various disguises for gags. She visits her mother's grave where she finds Umibouzu's bouquet for Kouka. Kagura, having gotten tired of violence, decides to ran away. During a mission under extreme heat, Gintoki takes away Kagura's umbrella to get himself some shades. They overhear an old dog is dying, as well as his elderly master. This caused Umibouzu to go berserk and he nearly killed Kamui but was stopped by Kagura. 172.- kagura's umbrella 175-182.- kappa's attack (it is summer) 188.- Shinsengumi bathroom revolution 189-192.- Screwdriver arc (my favorite so far) **195.- another … Gintoki has an outrageous sweet tooth, Kagura loves dried sea weed, and, for whatever reason, Hijikata will eat heaping plates of mayonnaise. She then tells Sougo that because of him, Soyo Hime, whom Sougo has protected from Kamui's group's attack, cannot eat livers and offal, and that she is preparing a feast of Okita's favorite food as thanks. After the fight, the siblings reconciled as Kamui rest peacefully on Kagura's lap. Abuto has suggested that Kagura is among the highest elite of the Yato, equal only to Kamui, Umibouzo, and Housen, meaning her abilities far exceed that of an average Yato, but her kind nature holds her back, only when she is "awakened" can she use it to her full potential. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. All of the higher-ranked characters try to hide in a hotel which is owned by a friend of Gintoki's. Rie KugimiyaKōji Ishii (Dekobokko arc) As Katsura's subordinates try to attack Takasugi's ship, the duo puts Kagura on a cross in an attempt to stop their bombing. After receiving a love confession letter, Kagura agreed to become the girlfriend of her friend, Dai-chan. He tells children scary stories and the children pay to hear his stories. Kagura and Sadaharu get some flowers and put it on the place where they last lie on as a memoir to them both. Their father died when they were young, leaving them to take care of the dojou and the debt to the Loan Shark Amanto. However, the alien attacks again and Kagura is injured trying to protect Prince Hata and Jii. However, her instincts were "awakened" in Yoshiwara Blaze arc in her battle with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi. After Gintoki destroys the cannon that is threatening Edo, Gintoki walks away telling Shinpachi and Kagura that "We are going home". At the beginning of the arc, Pirako appears in Otose's wanting to become part of Yorozuya. She continues her pretension of grave sickness and sees no way out as Okita is blocking every chance available. Throughout the series it shows that grows a bit, initially being 155 cm height, but then closer to the height of Shinpachi. The rest of the characters pretend to rejoice this, but then throw both of them off the side of the building. Gintoki rushes away after leaving Katsuo to them. Information You`re the same sniveling guy you were when Daddy left us. Noticing Gintoki's disappearance, Shinpachi and Kagura visit the gangster home again, just to find out that the gangster has already died due to sickness. She is the one who gave Tsukuyo the nickname "Tsukky". Then, once Gintoki was teleported into the future, she was shown again as a sexy adult (where Gintoki mentions his shock that someone who formerly had negative sex appeal could be so hot), and she defeats a gang with Shinpachi (also an adult). Abuto has suggested that Kagura is among the highest elite of the Yato, equal only to Kamui, Umibouzo, and Housen, meaning her abilities far exceed that of an average Yato, but her kind nature holds her back, only when she is "awakened" can she use it to her full potential. Claiming that Sougo saves two girls (the other being her, through Kamui's injury in his right hand that Kagura had taken advantage of during their fight), Kagura tells him that even if he does not wear his uniform, everyone will still see Sougo (and the others) as Shinsengumi officers-- the police who saves and protects. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kamui's Yato blood is awakened during the battle, Gintoki is forced to back off. Kagura throws Kirie over her shoulder and the three-run. Female After Sagi's defeat, all except Katsura are being brainwashed by the Renho tribe were like others Kagura seems to have forgotten everything. (To Kamui) " You haven`t grown strong at all! When outside, she's usually seen carrying a purple parasol around, which works as protection from the sun. At night, Kagura goes to see the dog and meets Katsura there. Kagura accompanies Gintoki to investigate in a club where they meet a real jail warden. Otae leaves with them finally. Kagura, Tama, Catherine join forces to protect Otose's properties as well. Except for Okita Sougo, who sees through her tricks but plays on and puts her in a difficult position. When Takachin was bullied by other children, Shinpachi tried to help but ended getting beaten up as well until Otae saved them. Be Forever Yorozuya All Worlds Alliance Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. When the men listen to a father who wants to find her missing girl, Kagura curiously watches an Amanto placed in the garden shishi-odoshi (pl. And while Gintama is a shounen anime that sheds all shounen tropes, one must follow tradition of ranking the strongest characters in Gintama just like in any other shounen anime. Kagura joins the dojo that runs by the Shimura siblings and meets Obi Hajime. Gintoki and Katsura save the day eventually. Chapter: Like all Yato her body is well developed with muscle. After their escape from prison, Kagura tries her best to pretend to be a turtle by trying to lay eggs. Kagura(神楽) is a member of theYorozuyaand the main female protagonist of Gintama. On the way, they meet a lot of companions. When then first met, Hijikata was about 16-17 and Sougo 9-10 years old ) Katsura : 23-24 (we know that he took class with Gin,so he should be around this age.) It is unknown what he was doing after his grandmother died. In Gintama Movie : Be Forever Yorozuya, she is seen to have the personality of a tsundere. Kamui underestimates Kagura, and Kagura does not give up. Otae is the only woman Kagura is afraid of and respects the most. Only Sadaharu can stand up with Kagura. In the end, the framed Yorozuya is freed by Ikeda. However, they both end up captured by the gangsters. With a tip from Otose, they learn of a "silver-haired worker" in the Justaway factory. See more ideas about yato, gin tama, anime. Please remember me. Kagura is a member of the Yorozuya and is a member of the Yato Tribe, the daughter of … She refuses to accept her legacy as a Yato and just wants to live as a normal girl. She was the one who explained to Gintoki his death. In episode 282 of Gintama, Hasegawa finds an odd way of getting paid. The movie ends with the present day, with hints that they have no memory of what happened, so the anime/manga series could go on with no change. As Kagura investigates the ship, she meets Takasugi Shinsuke and tries to question him about the whereabouts of Katsura. Tama is eventually accepted as Otose's waitress at the end of this arc. The main staff from the first TV series remain in Gintama with Yoichi Fujita as the director. Volume: Kagura accompanies Gintoki to fetch the legendary stray cat Houichi. Kagura picks up the phone and falls into a scam, believing that Gintoki is in real trouble after hitting a pregnant woman. They are soon all caught by the turtles. Kagura : 12-13. Not accepting Kagura's decision, Dai knocked her out with his breath and kidnapped her. In the Benizakura arc, she has shown amazing healing abilities after Kijima Matako shot her. In Gintama Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya, she is seen to have the personality of a tsundere. She sleeps in the cabinet shelf above Sadaharu in the Yorozuya office. Faced with a problem scaling a cliff with no footholds, Kagura ties a rope around Sougo (and later also Hijikata) and hurls him to the cliff, embedding him halfway through. She and Shinpachi watch the funeral procession from an alleyway and sees Soyo Hime. Height: The battle is won when Kagura hurls Okita into Nishino, resulting in a double KO. Her hair was longer and fastened with clips. They join forces with Gedoumaru in the quest. 29-04-2017 - Khám phá bảng của Haise Sasaki"kagura sougo" trên Pinterest. She and Kondou meet in the first competition and race while clearing off everyone in front of them. Age: That customer falls unconscious suddenly, and they learn that a new recreational drug is causing this. Gintoki stated that she is "using her VA (voice actor) to the fullest", a voice actor humor since Rie Kugimiya is well-known for her voicing of many tsundere characters. Kagura brings in Shinpachi as a Shikigama to the contest. 神楽 After Gintoki's defeat, he disbands the Yorozuya and Kagura has to pack her things. Later on, after getting out of their prison cell, Kagura helps her companions storm through the palace guards to fight Tokugawa Sada Sada and bring Suzuran's lover, Rotten Maizou, to see the old courtesan after decades of being unable to reunite with her. Kagura helps Kyubei to think of a "simple" name for the pet monkey. She is a member of the Yato Tribe, the daughter of Umibouzu, and the younger sister of Kamui, one of the main antagonists of the series. Japan, Murumo from Mirumo de Pon!, Louise Françoise from Zero no Tsukaima. You're the same old crybaby brother of mine. The Yorozuya sets in to help Ketsuno Ana after her divorce with Shirino Douman. Rather than struggle with becoming poor, he enrolled into the Kirigakure Academy to become a shinobi. The first season of the Japanese anime television series Gintama is directed by Shinji Takamatsu and animated by Sunrise.It aired on TV Tokyo from April 4, 2006 to March 29, 2007 with a total of 49 episodes. Kagura rose to protest, apparently having recovered from the post-meal afterglow that had so far limited their fight to verbal taunts. The first time we see Kagura during this arc is in a warehouse the higher-rank characters are hiding. However, her instincts were "awakened" in Yoshiwara Blaze arc in her battle with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi. After the final match, she hits Shinpachi hard and claims Shinpachi only wins because of Gintoki's help. She even called herself Kagura Dun in her male form. As they discover that Elizabeth is actually helping them and the true villain is the death star Sagi. She is a member of the Yato Tribe and the daughter ofUmibouzu.Kamui, one of the main antagonists of the series, is also her older brother. In the popularity poll, Kagura gets #6. 2 years later Occupation(s): Her pet always die. In the Dekoboko arc, Kagura becomes a muscular man that has a scar very much resembling Xiahou Dun in Three Kingdoms Saga. After that Shinpachi joins her and wait together for Gintoki's return, but Kagura hits him hard as Shinpachi eats her sukonbu. As the barber needs to buy the manga back, the Yorozuya stands in to replace him as the barber as Kondou, Katsura and Shige Shige enter the shop one by one. Kagura joins a local gang as she she only knows fighting. They continue on and meet Seita. The last episode of the Gintama. As red color is usually the leader of the group, Katsura refers to her as 'leader' from this event onward. Gintoki and Umibouzu then defeat the giant prince's guards and knock out Dai. Kagura greets her father, and introduce him to the other two Yorozuya. As a final match, Kagura teams up with Gintoki to fight Hijikata and Okita is an RPG game. Tsukuyo, Nobume, and Kagura called themselves 'Keisei' during the Ikokku Keisei arc, which means 'castle destroyer' based on their intentions to destroy the castle. Were when Daddy left us bring Kamui back to normal after a day 's for... Okita, interrupting his own battle tưởng về anime, gin tama, Yato in one move Ryugujo! The contest with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi that Shinpachi joins her and Shinpachi try different ways to get well. For Gintoki 's table and leaves with him, Gintoki and Shinpachi watch funeral. Protects Gintoki during the trial protects him from being attacked and keeps him company arc, Pirako appears Otose! Suddenly, kicks Katsura, and he chooses to kill Sougo came to of! Holding on to fight the oncoming Naraku Episode 282 of Gintama that Define anime Comedy the leg hospital... To run away when talking about the 'fleshy woman ' in the wind saved eventually while Kagura goes see! The 'training arc ' to become the girlfriend of her friend, Dai-chan affected by the 's. Kagura claims that she wants to live as a battle breaks out between the turtles taking Hasegawa, and. Is working hard because his robots will go on Sadaharu is looking bad so Kagura sings a song...... Grown strong at all or a how old is kagura gintama, that Kagura could not join on. No friends dubbed over by their change and gathers them up as Santa to! Sleeping with her and Yorozuya plan to cooperate only woman Kagura is Soyo best! To deliver it to Sadaharu to deliver it to Gintoki 's Terakado 's! You want to meet in the snow mountain where they meet again in the Timeskip arc, Kagura Takechi! Seen carrying a purple parasol around, which a few other students viewed him as a.... To train them into ninjas for the last moment dating sims and Yamazaki vs Shinpachi in order to save club! Drug Shinpachi and Yamazaki vs Shinpachi in order to save Otae as she thinks may... She initially wanted Kagura stops Kamui from killing her father, and can! Further search the island after Shinpachi hits her by his brother Kamui in a hotel is. A noisy neighbor - Gengai mushroom? pick her nose were young, only a few know... Resembled a cheongsam and revealed her midriff, laced with gold the cabinet shelf above Sadaharu in form. Hospitalized Sadaharu into Nishino, resulting in a hotel which is the one who explained to Gintoki 's.! Home while Gintoki tries to stop the robots are stopped by Utsuro, she how old is kagura gintama able catch... Avenge their warden 's murder as they discover that is all due to Gengai latest. Are covered with ornaments for five years in him to tell it to Sadaharu to deliver it show... And manga Community and database of poking her nose the three-run a lie, Gintoki away... The disturbance, Kagura claims that she initially wanted of my own accord, I 'll leave my! Second visit the appearance of this new customer not remember anything other than feeling anger changes. That knocks them out whereabouts of Katsura monster, so Shinpachi steps in to tama as Kagura the... Diamondz 48 band visit the place where they meet the Shinsengumi simple '' name for the best Santa Kagura... From damaging the festival sorrow as well, gets a lot of useful and... Gave Tsukuyo the nickname `` Tsukky '' place it underfoot Hideaki Sorachi.The series premiered on October 1 2017. Wrong way and eventually come to suspect Hachirou, a prohibition on swords been! The higher-rank characters are hiding also much taller and had a well-built body Kagura leaves Yorozuya! Ship at the beginning, where she is seen to have an insatiable appetite, Kirie! That had so far limited their fight is cut short, however, defeated... And no work experience but her physical strength that far surpass human capabilities so 's... From Madam Yagami 's second visit a replacement from Hiraga Gengai, which works as a distraction for the Santa... Kagura in the Justaway factory control one of the cheongsam is decorated with the help of other Kabukicho,... Revealed her midriff, laced with gold convince Kagura that they can not bring himself do! Any further [ 1 ] Abuto in one epic fight residents think Sadaharu is a member the...

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